The Chippewa Hockey Network was founded by CMU students Tyler Marcotte & Shawn Bednard in September 2015 as a way for all CMU Hockey Division 3 games to be broadcast. Marcotte & Bednard became part of the Front Office of the team as the Director of Video & Media Content (Marcotte) and the Director of Broadcast & Communications (Bednard), and have carried those same roles into the full-expansion network.

Marcotte started working with CMU Hockey in 2014 as a member of Sports Central, filming highlights and reporting on the D2 team for the show. Shawn Bednard was hired as the Public Address Announcer of CMU D3 Hockey in September 2015. Marcotte & Bednard had worked together for the Chippewa Sports Network Digital, and planned on carrying their roles alongside that work, but upon meeting with the Front Office together, they realized they had an opportunity to create an entire media network with their experience and drive.

Granted full creative control by the team, they started with Weekly Recaps and Highlights, and turned the network into a widely-listened/watched, highly respected, and nationally recognized Media Broadcast Network. Along with every game being broadcast live on ChipsHockeycast.com, and running the D3 website, Marcotte also produces post-game video highlights with the broadcast audio, and Bednard creates audio highlights. Pictures, features, graphic features, and post-game graphics all became part of the Chippewa Hockey Network’s social media coverage as well.

In their second year with the CHN, Marcotte and Bednard expanded their coverage with the return of CMU D2 Hockey. In wanting to broadcast every game of both teams simultaneously, they knew it would be time to hire additional broadcasters and a team reporter to fully cover every aspect of CMU Hockey. After their job posting was picked up by the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America, applications, resumes, and demo reels started pouring in. Through a rigorous decision making process, new broadcasters were hired.

The Chippewa Hockey Network has media partnerships with local cable consortium in Mount Pleasant, MAC TV, and Southeastern Michigan’s ESPN Radio MRSN, to expand their broadcast to further radio and television networks.

Marcotte and Bednard’s work has brought campus and state wide recognition, media coverage of the network, and a whole new level of attention to the true hockey teams of Central Michigan University