Allgaier’s Four Goals Help Central Michigan (DIII) defeat SVSU 9-1


The Chippewas were riding a seven-game win streak going into their matchup with Saginaw Valley State University and they had no intentions to break the streak. When the first whistle blew and the puck was dropped the two teams seemed about equal until Nathan Allgaier put one behind SVSU goalie Triston Jensen to put the Chippewas up by a goal. From there on out, Allgaier and his team dominated the rest of the period and the game. Just as time expired in the first period, Allgaier scored his second of the game and of the period to increase CMU’s lead to 2-0 heading into the first intermission.

When the second period began, the Chippewas knew that a two-goal lead wasn’t good enough and that they had to increase it. They continued to dominate in the offensive zone and it eventually paid off as Garrett Diola was able to put one in the back of the net for his first goal of the season and increase the Chippewa lead to 3-0. Nothing that Cardinals did on the ice could slow down this Chippewas team as Nathan Allgaier completed the hat trick on a pass that just happened to find the back of the net. The Chippewas were now up by four goals and were hoping to get another shutout on the season, but Steven Roberts put a stop to those thoughts as he rifled a shot past Riley Morgan to cut the lead to 4-1 with plenty of game left to play. After giving up a goal, the Chippewas began dominating the game once again and took a 4-1 lead into the second intermission.

The Chippewas came out flying in the third period, knowing that they had to score as many goals as they could to help them move up in the ACHA rankings. About five minutes into the final period, Allgaier scored his fourth goal of the game to put his team up by five. Although they were scoring a lot of goals, the Chippewas seemed to constantly be on the penalty kill as they couldn’t stay out of the box, but luckily they were able to kill off every SVSU power play without a problem. Just because they couldn’t stay out of the box, doesn’t mean they couldn’t stay off the scoreboard as Jordan Wadge scored his third goal of the year to put Central up 6-1 in the third period. Already leading by six goals, the Chippewas continued to outskate and outplay the Cardinals and it paid off yet again as James Gleason put one in the back of the net for his 20th goal of the year and helped increase the Chippewas lead to 7-1 with still time left to play. While a six-goal victory is already considered a great win, the Chippewas didn’t think that was great enough as Dalton Sutherland scored his 30th goal of the year to increase the lead to 8-1, and then moments later Ryan Tyrer tipped a Nathan Allgaier shot to score his 15th of the year and put the Chippewas up 9-1 with little time left to play in the game. There wouldn’t be any more scoring from the red-hot Chippewa offense in this game as they would take game one of the home-and-home with SVSU by a final score of 9-1.

Written by Joey Huot

Posted in D3

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